Person Holding NPS Card

Be prescription smart!

The retail pharmacy market has been inundated with “drug discount cards” that allegedly offer significant discounts on medicine for “free”. Though these cards are not a form of insurance, they may help reduce prescription medication costs.

But you can have so much more.

The Pharmacy SmartCard Program is different!

It is a prescription drug program that utilizes innovative ideas to help you, as an individual, save money through group purchasing power as well as providing you with alerts and alternatives to benefit your overall healthcare.

The benefits received from the Pharmacy SmartCard Program include:

  • NPS network discounted pricing through the NPS network of over 63,500 participating chain and independent pharmacies.
  • Price Checking – guaranteed! As a Pharmacy SmartCard member, your current prescription price is compared with our ‘allowable’ price (discounted SmartCard member’s price). If your current price is lower, you keep that price. If your current price is higher, the pharmacy reduces their price to the membership rates instantly through the use of NPS technology. You can’t lose!
  • Formulary Savings – The same cost containment drug formulary process that has been successfully used by hospitals and other managed card organizations is incorporated into the Pharmacy SmartCard Program.


    To treat high cholesterol, your physician may choose to prescribe a powerful drug such as Zocor® from the therapeutic class of HMG drugs. Zocor is considered non-formulary because other agents may be more effective in lowering your cholesterol and may lower the level at a fraction of the cost of Zocor. The Pharmacy SmartCard Program supports the use of simvastatin (a generic to Zocor), Lipitor® and Crestor® in the place of brand name Zocor. These are the formulary HMG agents members are guided to use in the Pharmacy SmartCard Program. Zocor 20 mg #30 is priced at approximately $141 dollars while the generic counterpart can be acquired at approximately $9.00.*

    *Prices may vary depending on store and date of purchase. Pricing above is reflected in the January 2009 price alert catalog published by Wolters Kluwer, the owner of Medi-Span®.

  • Instant Alerts with Medical Technologies – One of the primary benefits of enrolling in the Pharmacy SmartCard Program is the integration of the comprehensive drug utilization review. At the time of enrollment, each member is provided with a “Patient Information Sheet” to complete. This information is provided on a voluntary basis and is for medical purposes only. It will not be sold or otherwise distributed. This information sheet captures data to equip your own, personal, SmartCard profile with vital health, allergy, and disease information that triggers alerts to medication interactions or potential contraindications due to your age. By providing the information requested, your pharmacist and physician may make better decisions about your care.
  • Prescription Drug Explanation of Savings Report mailed to your home semi-annually documenting the savings received through your pharmacy provider. This unique and exclusive report is also a great tool for reviewing your prescription history. Additionally, this report points out alternative therapies you may suggest to your attending physician.