Pending lawsuits & recalls

    As a service to its plans, PTI tracks pending class action lawsuit settlements on behalf of our plan sponsors.

    With the complexities of the drug marketplace, PTI stays abreast of developments and will assist our plans in the submission and capture of settlements that may benefit their plans. Settlements are becoming more common and relate to a variety of factors and allegations of pharmaceutical manufacturers from the hoarding of raw ingredients to prevent generic competition to inflated mark-up factors, used to price drugs and many other allegations.


    PTI has recently filed the following class action lawsuits on your behalf:

  • Glaxo Smith Kline AWP Litigation
  • Paxil CR
  • OxyContin

    We are currently aware of the following class action lawsuits that we are either tracking or in the process of filing claims:

  • Estratest and Estratest HS
  • Norvir
  • Tricor
  • Bextra/Celebrex
  • Vytorin/Zetia

Generally these lawsuits take years to settle and disperse reimbursement (generally 3 to 5 years). Historically, the refund is often a very small percentage of the actual dollars that a plan may have spent on the product. For example, with a similar lawsuit, our plans obtained less than 5% of the amount spent.